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At The Kū Project, I share and find ways to make life stronger and meaningful, while improving your confidence and influence through “Building a Kū Body and Living a Kū Life”. I cover a range of topics that make up the Kū lifestyle: fitness, food, wellness, outdoors, art, tech, travel, leadership, family, and the Hawaiian culture.

The Kū Project is the place you go to find out about fitness and health with a no BS approach, learn the Kū approach to living a meaningful life, ono kine grind recipes you can easily cook up yourself and what it means to be a Modern-day Hawaiian who is trying to make Hawaii a better place.  It’s like sitting on the tailgate of a truck talking stories with friends looking out at the ocean.

Most importantly  you learn how to become stronger, or in our words, “Be You. Be Kū.”

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Daniel Aipa, The Guy Behind The Kū Project


Learn more about The Kū Project or if you are asking yourself, “Sounds all good, but who the hell are you?”

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