Why You Won’t See Gainz in Your Fitness

There are countless fitness programs out there.  Maybe you are doing one right now. The same goes for diet and nutrition plans.

With the easy access of all the information in the world at the palm of your hands, since we are always on our phones, you are flooded with information being tossed out at you on a daily basis. On any day, one “expert” will comes out and say X, while another “expert” comes out and say Y.  Of course you are going to listen to the one that you think is right but still wonder about what Y is all about.

So you give “X” a try for maybe a couple of days before you come across this other “expert” who shares this new ground breaking research about “Z”.

This leads to an inner debate on whether or now you should continue doing X or move over and follow Z.  Its just like sports when all of sudden everyone is a frickin’ Seattle Seahawks or Golden State Warriors fan.  By the way, GO BRONCOS!

With anything, you have to give it time.  There are several themes I come across with those who aren’t seeing results in their fitness:

  • Not getting enough rest
  • Not eating enough
  • Doing a program that is too advanced for them
  • Not giving the program a chance to develop
  • Jumping ship because you got distracted by something shiny

The above video shares a little more about the fitness programs out there and what you need to do in order to see results and gainz.

When you start any program or diet, you have to give it time to develop before you scratch it.  Think of your body as an aquarium.  There’s a group of fish inside that’s been chilling with each other for some time.  They are on a first name basis.  But then you decide you want to put in a couple other fish.  The new fish are thinking, “Where the hell are we?”

While the older fish are saying, “What? What you looking at?”

The aquarium becomes a stressful environment because everyone is trying to figure out what’s going on.  Maybe some fish scrap.  Maybe they stay away from each other and don’t mingle.  No matter what, it’s not a new environment.

Same thing goes on in your body when you first start a new program.  The environment becomes stressed and need time to figure things out.

Overtime, the fish will begin to accept one another, they’ll start mingling, and after a little while the environment changes from being stressed to being a cooperative environment where they can grow together, hence GAINZ.

Many, aren’t patient enough to let this happen.  They jump ship before the mingling even begins. They add in more fish, or a big ass fish that eats everyone.

Do you get the picture?

Thoughts? Questions? Leave them below.



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