Semi-private training is the best way to reach your goals and get the best bang for your buck, if you feel it’s the right thing for YOU.

There are different types of training categories:

  • Private
  • Semi Private
  • Group Training
  • Fitness Classes
  • Bootcamps
  • etc.

Private Training is done one-on-one between a personal trainer and client where the client gets the full attention of the personal trainer.  This is usually the most expensive option ranging from $45-$100+ per session depending on the coach, but the idea is that you have someone with you at everyone step of the way.

Small Group Training is when there is anywhere between 5-20 people following a particular training program, with not much customized training protocols for each individual.  Crossfit can be best fit into this category.  The pricing depends on the facility you training out of but usually consists of monthly memberships for around $150/mo for unlimited or multiple sessions.

Fitness Classes and Bootcamps can be paired together because they are usually focused on a particular class like Zumba, Core Power Yoga, Barre, Orange Theory, and the many Bootcamps you may come across at Ala Moana.  The classes are large group settings anywhere from 15-60 participants.  These prices range from $5-$15/session or a package for a certain amount of classes, like CorePower Yoga who has $200/month for unlimited classes.

Semi Private Training is a combination of private and small group training with 2-6 participants.  With Semi Private training, clients receive a customized program created for them and have a coach guiding you through your own training session amongst other individuals who are on their own program.  Semi Private Training is cheaper than doing private training but just as expensive as small group training.  Sessions can run from $20-$40/session or $180-$300+ a month.


I believe there is luxury with creating an environment where you know you are being taken care of and shown hospitality.  I want to create a place where people feel like it’s their own gym where they don’t have to wait in line, there’s no crowd, they have access to all the equipment, and receive quality coaching throughout the session to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Each person follows their own training program after I assess their needs, learn about their training experience and injury history, and then some.

At my facility, Ku Performance Hawaii, our Semi-Private Training sessions are held to a maximum of 4 people training in a 2300 sq ft space.

Not only do I want to provide great coaching, but I also want to make it affordable.  So I’m going to be completely transparent with you about my rates and break it down.

First, to give you a little perspective – my rate for private training ranges from $60-$100/session.  Yes, it’s expensive.

But now that my rate for private training is out there (if you are interested, email me), here’s how I breakdown my Semi-Private Training:

Pay per session – $30/session.

2x/week (8 total sessions a month) – $185/mo ($23/session)

3x/week (12 total sessions a month) – $230/mo ($19/session)

When I told my colleagues my rates, they thought I was crazy and they still do.  One of my colleagues charge $45/session which breaks down to $360-$540/month.  While it sounds great to me to charge that much, it doesn’t fit me.

I want to provide quality coaching and a unique experience at a reasonable value where I can go above and beyond.  This is also why, Ku Performance Hawaii, is a private training facility.  Everyone is welcomed, but there is an enrollment process.

In order to train out of Ku Performance Hawaii, you are either sponsored in by one of our members or contacted me directly and have gone through the enrollment process with me.


Because I think there needs to be more education out there around what you are signing up for and what is out there.  In an industry that is constantly changing with trends flying left and right, it’s important to know what’s you are getting yourself into.

Semi-Private training isn’t for everyone.  But it’s what works best for me and those who train with me.  While I do have private, online coaching, and small group classes – semi-private training is what Ku Performance Hawaii is best known for.

I hope this answers any questions some may have about training with me.  If you have any other questions or interested in learning more, feel free to email me.