The Best Foam Roller Out There

dIf you are looking for a foam roller, you’ll come across a lot different foam rollers with different designs and companies promising different things.

But I’m going to cut through the BS and tell you what the best foam roller out there is.

First here are some foam rollers you might come across during your search.

The basic high density foam roller.  Most foam rollers come in various sizes.  In this case, this foam roller comes in 12, 18, and 36 inches.  I find 18 inches to be “not too sweet, not too rancid, but just right”.  This is also the most common one you’ll find in gyms.Triggerpoint foam roller

The TriggerPoint GRID that is designed with these specific grooves to act as fingers massaging.  Honestly, I have one of these, and I can’t tell the difference.  But they look cool.  They also come in difference density depending on your level of sensitivity to the pressure.

The RumbleRoller, on the other hand, really gets in there and you can feel those nubs digging into your muscle. It’s a big more on the pricier end and also comes in various density and sizes.  If you are just starting off with foam rolling, I wouldn’t suggest you get it.

NextRoller  is a 3-Speed Rechargeable Electric Vibrating Foam Roller.  Now I wouldn’t buy this because it costs $130.  If I pay that much for a foam roller, then it better do something more than just massage me.  It better work some miracles!

The Best Foam Roller?

The basic high density foam roller.

It’s inexpensive and will do the job you need it to do.  And if it becomes a dust collector in your house, you won’t feel that bad about it.

Second place would be the RumbleRoller.  As I mentioned, it gets in there and hurts oh so good!