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I am happy to endorse local businesses on this blog that I have been in touch with and can relate to the mission and values of The Kū Project. For businesses who have product or service they’d like to promote and believe it would bring value to our readers, sponsored content can be created.

What is a Sponsored Post?

Your post will be featured on the homepage for 2 weeks to catch the attention of people in Hawaii who are looking towards becoming stronger, healthier, and create a life full of meaning and purpose with the spirit of Aloha.

To check availability and pricing, please email me.


Details and guidelines:

  • Your product or service should be relevant to an audience that is interested in the Hawaii lifestyle, health, fitness, and personal development.
  • Your sponsored post will contain the following:
    – photos of your product, service or location (photos must be at least 1050 pixels wide)
    – headline
    – Article or brief description
    – link to your landing page
    – optional longer description of your offering