Enrollment for training is CLOSED….but you can learn more about Coaching below:

Everyone who trains with me begins with a one-on-one assessment where we talk about goals, training experience, injury history, proper movement, do a couple performance tests if necessary, and talk about our favorite places to eat in Hawaii.

I coach in a semi-private group format: There are 2-4 haumana (students) at a time (mostly only 2) where everyone is working on their own individualized program that is written up on a month-to-month basis.

One thing about me is that I enjoy to actually coach people.  I can’t stand personal trainers who stand there counting reps and twiddling their thumbs.  Oh ya, that’s an important note to make – I’m not a personal trainer.

To get things moving along, just fill out the form below and we can set up for you to purchase your initial assessment.  Once we get through the introduction and all, we can get to work.

I’m not a very “pitchy” person or have any requirement to commit to long-term packages and so forth.  I am here to help you become stronger and improve your overall performance.

Interested in contacting me and talking more stories? Email me by CLICKING HERE and either myself or a member of the Ku Team will contact you.