Semi-Private Training vs Personal Training vs Boot Camp

There are many options out there for people to choose from for their health and fitness.  I’m going to focus on the main three mentioned above.

When I decided to start and open Kū Performance, I chose semi-private training because it involves aspects that I’m used to from being a strength and conditioning coach at a college.

There is a team aspect and a specific training program being followed.  I was used to working with difference athletes at once on different programs and having the ability to make adjustments and modification on an individual level.

I believe in semi-private training, you create a learning and supportive environment for your members and athletes, and provide quality coaching for each person.

Now I could leave this article there, but this isn’t about saying Semi-Private Training is the best way to go.  It’s just the way I felt was right for me and the people I work with.

Let’s go a little deeper into the different training options out there and maybe you can decided what option works best for you.

Semi Private Training

Semi-Private Training involves a small group of 2-4 people training at once following their respective program by one coach.  In a small group, people feel more accountable which leads to a big impact on their performance and immediate results.

Also, this is a big difference from a large group setting of 10,20, or even 50 people in a fitness class or bootcamp.  In a setting of only 2-4 people, you are going to get a lot of attention and time from the coach.

Now the big question is the cost of Semi Private Training. In a semi-private training session you are sharing the cost of the coach for that hour with an unnoticeable difference in quality of coaching.  Depending on the coach this can range anywhere from $20-$40/session.

With Semi-private training, you have access to the full facility without having to wait in a line for equipment, be away from large crowds, feel lost in the mix, and have the full attention of a professional who is going to make sure you do things right and help you towards your goals.  Or maybe private training costs just a bit too much, and with that being said…

Private Training

Private training is one-on-one setting.  Just you and a coach.  Let’s bring out the purple elephant in the room and mention the cost for private training.  Private training can range from $60-$100, and sometimes even more.  It all depends on the coach, their experience, and demand for them.

Gunnar Peterson who is a well known celebrity trainer has a 6-week program that costs $15,000.  Jennifer Aniston pays her trainer, $900 a week for 3 sessions ($300/session).  Now those are high profile people but it gives you an idea of just how crazy it can get.  I’ll be honest, private training sessions with me ranges from $80-$100/hour.

Why would people want private training? Everyone has their own reasons but the most common ones are that they don’t want anyone else around, they like to be private, and they want a coachʻs full attention to reach their fitness goals and keep them on track.

I won’t lie, private training is expensive which is why Semi-Private training is much more workable for some because you are sharing the cost of the coach’s time.  But if someone is interested in Private Training with me, you know how to contact me.

Now we can go on the total opposite end of the spectrum…

Boot Camp and Fitness Classes

These sessions can range anywhere between 10-60 people.  I tried a boot camp class of 60 people and I almost lost my mind because 1) I don’t like big crowds 2) we did burpees most of the time and 3) we did burpees most of the time.

But that’s just me.  I’m not saying that it’s bad.  It’s just not for me.

People like large group training because of the high energy, large community feel, and the cost ($5-15 per class). Also, there are many more time options to choose from which creates more convenience for people, and people like convenience.

For semi-private and private, there are usually limited time sessions depending on the coach’s availability.  Models like monthly memberships for X amount of money for unlimited classes, puts people in charge in how much times they go to a class.  If it’s a $100 monthly membership for unlimited classes but you only went 4 times (once a week), then you just spent $25/class.  But say you go, 12 times (three times a week), then you spent around $8/class.

You got it?

What’s the Best Type of Training?


It comes down to an individual on what they are looking for and what works best for them – cost wise and time.

For example, Ku Performance is a private boutique strength and conditioning facility that provides private training, semi-private training, and specialized small group courses.  We keep the community small and have a limited capacity.  I coach best in that sort of environment.

You have to audit what you want to accomplish, how you want to go about it, and what sort of environment do you best thrive in.  I know many people who love large group settings and I know many who get intimidate or overwhelmed in that sort of setting.

You have to figure it for yourself.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.  I’d be more than happy to answer any.