More than a year ago I created this Kettlebell Guide with over 20 Exercises and several workouts to share the basic kettlebell exercises I use when I train and coach others.

Some of you reading this may have gotten this book when you signed up to be on my E-Mail Newsletter list or maybe you didn’t know you got it.  Anyways, I’m taking it down and give it away.

When I thought of starting an email list here on The Ku Project,  I was told I had to create something to giveaway for FREE to people who sign up to receive my email.  I created the Ku Body Kettlebell Guide because of that advice.  As I re-think many things, I don’t want to have to entice people to sign-up to be on my email list.  You either want to or you don’t.  I respect that.

So please, download this Kettlebell Guide and learn more about kettlebell training because I do believe it’s a very effective tool and method for building a Ku body.

If you have already used this guide and learned something from it, please comment below what you thought about the Kettlebell Guide for others to figure out for themselves if they want to download it.


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