KU BODY BURNER: Two Exercises for a Total Body Workout

You don’t need much to get in a good workout.  You work with what you have.  This workout has two exercises using a medicine ball – Bicep Curl Reverse Lunge and Medicine Ball Slams.

Make sure you have a medicine ball that allows you to slam on the ground without you worrying about it bouncing back at your face.  Trust me, it has happened before.  If you aren’t able to do medicine ball slams, then substitute it out for squats or squat jumps (cough*cough* – Squat jumps)

Perform the workout as a 8 Rep Ladder:

Do each exercise for 8 reps with no rest in between exercises, then immediately go into 7 reps for each, and work your way all the way down to 1 rep for each.  Yes, it’s going to leave you in a pool of your own sweat.

If you are feeling extra frisky, then rest for 2 minutes and get after it again.