With the growth of The Kū Project there continues to be a burning idea in my head to be on the lookout for those who are inline with what it means to Be Kū. Especially now that we have an official HQ in Kailua with Kū Performance, there are so much more possibilities.

The concept to BE KŪ has grown to attract a certain type of mindset from different backgrounds.  There are creatives, educators, laborers, athletes, and more who all relate to what Kū stands for specifically to them.

I believe we all have our own story to tell and embracing what Kū means allows us to live out an even stronger story to leave behind a legacy that inspires.

There are going to be a few changes happening here on The Kū Project’s site.  There are so much people out there who have been sharing what the concept of being Kū means to them, that I’d like to use The Kū Project to share their stories, while continuing to help you with building a Kū body and living a Kū life.

I’m excited about this transition into becoming a platform that makes strength contagious in and out of Hawaii, that’ll inspire others to BE KŪ.

QUESTIONS: What has the philosophy of Kū taught you thus far?