Getting Creative With the Steel Mace

The steel mace has become an interesting tool for us in the gym.  It adds a great variation for everyone and many of us have been playing with trying new movements and flows.

Steel Mace flows are integrate several exercises that flow into one another.  It is important to use exercises within your flow that you can perform on its own.  Don’t perform flows with exercises you’ve never done before, that just opens up a whole can of “babooze” on you.

The above Steel Mace Flow combines the 360 Rotation with a Lateral Lunge.  The 360 rotation has been a challenge for me, particularly because of my right shoulder not being too happy with me these days.

One day we were talking about hinging at the hip and improving thoracic mobility, and I figured Id try to combine the two using the light steel mace.  It ended up reminding me of the kettlebell windmill.  This is most likely going to be used as part of warm-ups as part of the corrective/prehab portion of the session.

Overall, the movement makes sense to me.

If you are on the fence of whether or not the steel mace is worth trying out, I think it’s not only a valuable tool that teaches you new movement patterns and give you some variation to what you may normally do, it also makes you feel like a damn warrior once you grab a hold of it.  It’s as if your mind and body transforms into being an ancient Hawaiian Warrior preparing for battle.

At least that’s how I feel.