Exercise Fix: Overhead Shoulder Press

I’d say that the overhead press is a true test over upper body strength.  Everyone asks, “Yo bro, how much ya bench?” and never, “You bro, how much ya overhead press?”

Why? Because it’s harder although it is known that a stronger overhead press can actually assist in improving how much you bench.

But for many, the overhead press causes some sort of discomfort in the shoulders and maybe some have experienced chronic pain from doing any overhead exercises.  Now before you do away with overhead pressing movements there are a few things to be aware of.

If you don’t have the ability to get into the proper position of the overhead press, then you probably should place it on the back burner while you fix up a few things such as improve thoracic mobility (extension), stretch out the lats, and work on scapular retraction to help with improving posture.

Now if you can get into a good position, then here is an important coaching cue to make sure you keep your shoulders healthy during the movement and perform the exercise with the right muscles.