Do You Have to Run to Get into Shape?


This is not a call against running.  But it seems many believe that in order to get back into shape, you need to start running.

“I’m going to start running to get in shape before I train with you,” is something I hear many times.  99% of them never make it to train with me.  Why is that? Maybe they realize I don’t know that much about fitness or maybe they get discouraged because they sucked at running and give up on their journey towards building a Ku body.

My usual answer for those who tell me they need to get in shape before they see me is always the same, “It won’t help.”

Why? Because running won’t prepare you for how we train.  It’s simple.  If you want to become a runner, then you run.  You won’t find me running for miles or anyone else who trains with us, unless their goal is to become a better runner.  Again, not saying that running is a waste of time.  But it is not a must in order to get in shape.

I consider myself in decent shape, but put in me a CrossFit class and I would be crushed.  Why? Because I don’t do CrossFit and the way they approach training is different compared to what I do.  The same goes for running, if you want to get better at CrossFit, you have to do CrossFit.

So what does it take to get into shape?

Movement.  People are unfit in the first place because they don’t move enough.  Your body is meant for movement and exercise; not sitting on your ass scrolling on your phone and playing Candy Crush.

Getting into shape takes making your heart work to pump oxygen throughout your body, it takes working your muscles to exert force and create tension, and it takes a thing called – work.

Now that we got that out of the way, what can you do next?


Look at where you are now.  Not where you used to be.  Not where you want to be.  But where you are NOW.

If you haven’t done anything for the past several months, then doing some sort of exercise twice a week will get you into better shape than you are now.  Too many of us spend way too much time pondering on where we were and where we want  to be.  While those can be used as a motivator for some.  For many, it can bring frustration.

The purpose of the article is to hammer down the reality that:

  1. You don’t have to run to get into a shape
  2. Self-awareness of what your activity level and fitness routine TODAY is essential
  3. Getting in shape simply takes moving more than you have been
  4. Make sure what you are doing to get into shape is something that you enjoy and is sustainable

Of course this is the simplified version of what it takes to get into shape, but this should be a starting point for you to sit down and assess where you actually are NOW.

Once you assess what you are dealing with, then it’s time to put the three BE KU Pillars into action; Dedication, Discipline, Determination.

There are many variables to think about when it comes to getting into shape, but the main variable that matters is movement.

So since you read up until now (Mahalo for that) and watched the video above (double mahalo), it is time to get up and move.

If you are down, you try this quick bodyweight workout using Valslides.  If you don’t have Valslide, you can use small towels on smooth surface or furniture movers.  They all work the same.  You can even do this workout without the sliding.  You can still do Controlled Mountain Climbers and instead of the Knee Tucks you can do another ab exercise of your choice.