Bench Press Activation Exercises for Gainz

The nervous system is a powerful tool, but yet many don’t take advantage of how you can prime it to improve your training.

These two exercises: Medicine Ball chest pass and Plyo Pushups are perfect activation exercises to perform before your bench press training.

A big mistake, many do, is to not focus on the performance of the exercises and how it feels.  You are supposed to feel explosive and fast.  If you perform these exercises in a fatigued state then you are missing the purpose of these exercises.

They are meant to arouse your nervous system NOT fatigue it.  When you are neurally charged, you are able to increase your power output.  And if your goal is to gain strength and build muscle, then having a primed nervous system that recruits more motor units during training is exactly what you need.

When performing these exercises, rest long enough to recover in between sets and maintain a high level of performance.