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The Kū Project Podcast is based out of Hawaii and created to help you become the strongest version of yourself.  It’s about building a Kū body and living a Kū life.  Ku means to stand tall, be firm, to have existence, be courageous, and to ultimately be strength.

We invited the movers and shakers, thinkers, and difference makers in Hawaii to share their stories and thoughts about becoming stronger.  Our goal is to redefine strength in Hawaii because strength is contagious.  The stronger you become you empower and inspire others to be stronger as well.


Danny Aipa’s podcast, website, and blog are informational and inspiring. He discusses health, fitness, and spiritual growth in a super positive and casual way. He also talks about Native Hawaiian culture which is totally cool and interesting. I’m always impressed with his viewpoint and positive energy. Danny’s an old soul and you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with a friend who’s also a super cool dude when you listen to his podcast. Mahalo Danny for all your inspiration! – Lynghoward

One of a kind guy with truly inspiring information. His podcasts are informative and his passion easily shines through. Do your mind and body a favor and sign up. Thanks Aipa!
– Rsato8

Daniel does a great job presenting relevant and entertaining content, his shows have a great format and are really informative. Well worth a listen!

Spend time listening to this.  Then contact Daniel and train with him.  Your future self will thank you.


Daniel Aipa has a curiosity and interest in all things strength.  It’s a space for talking stories, learning and sharing.  Topics range from fitness and health to finances and career advice, and from Hawaiian Culture and spirituality to minimalism and life-hacking – Aipa touches upon all aspects of life that bring more meaning and strength into your life.


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Guests are welcomed onto the podcast to share their views on what it means to build a Kū body and live a Kū life; fitness professionals, cultural practitioners, business owners, artists, musicians, etc.  The Kū Project Podcast is based in Hawaii for Hawaii.

We are currently looking for guests for our podcast.  If you have any suggestions or would like to be a guest, please fill out the form below: