5 Mobility Exercises for Hawaii Construction Workers: Foam Roller

There aren’t many jobs out there where it requires as much manual labor than construction workers.  With a manual labor job, there is an increased risk of injury or chronic pain from overuse of the muscular system.

When an injury occurs for a construction worker, this can cost the employers and employee in many different ways such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, time off from work, and extra training for a replacement.  Money.

It’s great to see that there are construction workplaces that take on the task to ensure safety of construction workers by bringing awareness to proper lifting mechanics and start stretching programs.  Aside from all of that, there is still a large number of construction workers who experience musculoskeletal injuries.

So what else can be done?

It comes down to construction workers to take care of their Kuleana, or responsibility.  Just like any professional athlete, they rely on their bodies ability and performance to carry out their job.  With that being said, construction workers should take the same precautions in order to properly prepare for and recover from the workday.

This can involve:

  • Performing movement prep drills before the start of the workday
  • Proper nutrition and hydration
  • Follow a training program that is tailored to their goals, prevents injury, and improves performance
  • Learn about recovery techniques

5 Foam Roller Mobility Exercises for Construction Workers

Here I share 5 Foam Roller Mobility Exercises specific for Construction Workers targeting specific areas.

If you know of a construction worker who could benefit from this, feel free to share this video with them.

Need a foam roller? Check this one out.

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Mahalo and Stay Kū.